Common Elevator Myths

There are tons of myths concerning elevators. The reason for so many myths is because the equipment is hidden from view, and most people do not spend time to learn more about elevators. You can always contact a Minnesota elevator company if you have questions about an elevator, but a few of the Mist and answers are listed below to get you started.

Myth 1: Only One Rope Holds an Elevator

Do not think that an elevator is held together by only one rope, because this is truly a mess. It’s a scary thought that you could be in an elevator with thousands of pounds and only one rope holding you there, rest assured this is nothing but I meant.

Myth 2: The Elevator Will Probably Fall

It is a myth that the elevator is going to fall if it is overcrowded, so stop trying to determine the weight of the 5 people inside the elevator with you. The truth is, if a car is overloaded, it is unlikely to move, instead doors opening and a buzzer sounding alerting the danger.

Myth 3: Doors Will Open if the Elevator isn’t There

Don’t worry about the doors to the elevator opening before it is time. This might be something that you see in the movies a thousand times over, but in reality, it is unlikely that that will happen.

Myth 4:  It is Too Expensive to Install an Elevator

The amount of money you will spend to install an elevator varies, with numerous factors influencing those rates. You should not believe that it is too expensive to install an elevator for your budget however. There are elevators and installation fees in all budgets, so never fear.

Myth 5: Pushing the Call Button Repeatedly makes the Elevator Come Faster

When you press the call button, it is registered with a controller inside the elevator. It will come at the time that it is designated to come, regardless of the number of times you push the button. So, save your finger and stop pushing the button repeatedly.